Translation is my career

Decide on quality: a professional service delivered with a passion for language and translation. By getting in touch you can be assured of a discreet consultation tailored to your individual requirements.

About me

If you are looking for a professional able to express your ideas, you are on the right page! A graduate in English Studies and Literary Translation, strengthened by varied professional experiences in France and abroad, I take it at heart / I am committed to transmit literature and culture.

I am a French native speaker whose passion for foreign languages goes hand in hand with a true linguistic background vital to my profession. Thus, in the course of my studies, practical trainings and professional but also community experiences in England, Spain and Latino America, I had the opportunity to get used to the many faces of English and Spanish as languages.

Translating is more than just choosing the right word; without a keen knowledge of regionalism and language register, you can’t properly account for the author’s ideas… Did you know that « sound » and « his/her » are one and only word in French? Did you know that « fresa » means strawberry in Spain and Latino American countries but posh in Mexico?


Quality, seriousness and rigour are my keywords. I make a point in processing each project according to its unique requirements and your expectation in total confidence.
Well-educated and endowed with assured adaptation skills, versatility is one of my strengths and I am able to perform in many different fields.

Why should you opt for a freelance translator ?

At a time when big translation companies are legion, freelance translators are guarantors for a good quality commercial relationship. If at first they seem to dispose of minor resources, freelance translators are a more than valid alternative to translation companies since they provide you with:

  • a lasting direct relationship with no intermediary,
  • a personalized follow-up from project to project,
  • an impressive responsiveness,
  • a higher schedule flexibility for any urgent job,
  • attractive prices adaptable to different services: no intermediary, no cost margin.

But freelance translation does not mean isolated work. Nowadays, translators’ networks are a pool of skills. Thus, I work with other translators which language combinations and specializations complete mine in order to offer you the best service possible.